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Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Christmas Decor- Advent

My family has a thousand Christmas traditions.  There is the ceremonious hanging of the ornaments on the tree, a candle lit dinner on Christmas Eve, and the bell that must ring before we can rip into our gifts.  I love it all.  Tradition is so comforting, and this year, we decided to add another to our family- the Advent celebration.  

Advent is basically a season of expectant waiting- a time to spiritually prepare our hearts before Christmas.  I adore this idea. For our first year in this new tradition, we decided to do something that would constantly point us to God and His Word.  What better way to celebrate the birth of our Savior than to know Him more?  And what better way to know Him more than to understand His names.

For the first 24 nights of December, we will read a passage of scripture that explains a different name of our Lord, each showing us a different part of His character.  We chose a vast array of passages.  They range from Lamb of God (John 1:29), to Keeper (Psalm 121:7) to our final name to contemplate before we go to sleep on Christmas Eve, Emmanuel (Matthew 1:23).  These names are attached to an ornament, and the kids will get to hang the name-bearing ornament each night.  These 24 ornaments will serve as a constant reminder throughout this holiday season what it is we are celebrating, and surely His name shall be praised!