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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Hair

I have had so many people ask me about Izzy's hairstyles, specifically the ones with the ribbons, that I thought it was high time I added a little tutorial on here.  These are so much fun, and she is so very good at sitting still so she can be my little doll.  (Having a cartoon on or a snack for her to eat while I'm working doesn't hurt either!) We love this one, and it's perfect for Valentine's Day!

This one takes us about 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish, but that includes time to brush out the thousand tangles this little girl acquires in a 24 hour period.

Here's what you'll need:
A brush and/or comb with a rat tail
2 clips
3 hair elastics (we use the tiny ones you can get from Dollar Tree in a pack of 100)
a few bobby pins that match the hair color
a craft needle

Start with tangle-free hair, and make a parting from ear to ear, right below the crown.

Put the top part into a little ponytail being careful to make sure the top is smooth.

Split the ponytail in two, and clip off one side so it stays out of your way.

Now you're going to braid each half, but (and this is important for the end product to look clean) you're going to braid up. Hold the hair straight up and braid...it's no harder than a normal braid, but it will make the top of the heart the front of the braid.

When you're done braiding, clip the ends to hold them.  Don't worry about securing each braid with a ponytail holder.

Once both braids are completed, form your heart, one side at a time.

Once it's where you want it, pin it down! I use tiny little bobby pins I picked up from Sally's for Izzy's hair for two reasons.  1, they hide easier, and 2, her hair color is so much darker than mine that if I used my regular pins, they are super obvious.

Once pinned down, carefully pull the bottom of the braids together and band them together.

Remove the clips, and you have a heart!

If you don't want to do the ribbon part, you can stop here and it's still super cute!

To add the ribbon, thread your CRAFT needle (important note here that I think should go without saying, but just in case...don't use a regular needle.  These plastic ones can be found at any craft store, and they are dull at the end.  They will not poke your child's head like a normal needle would.  Be safe, please!)

Poke the needle going upwards through the elastic holding the top of the braids.  Pull the ribbon through until the middle it inside that elastic.

Now simple thread the ribbon in and out along the outside of the braids.

When you're done "sewing," add another elastic to hold the ribbons down.

I like to add a little bow at the bottom just to finish the look.

We hope you guys LOVE this look and give it a shot this Valentine's Day!!