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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Parties Full Of Class.

Among all the wonderful perks that homeschooling has to offer (the list is too abundant to even start here), there are a few little drawbacks that have bothered me since the night I decided this was a calling our family couldn't ignore back when Isaiah was only days old.  I was, as I'm sure many homeschool parents are, afraid my kids would miss out on things in life.  One big thing I was always afraid they'd never get to experience was a class party.  Those were some of my favorite school memories as a child, and let's face it, it's just not the same in a "class" of just you and your two siblings.

Thankfully, we have been blessed with a wonderful co-op with lots of other kids and parents who want to give their kids those happy little memories, too.

The best thing about this party was that it wasn't me doing it.  I simply made a little treat and showed up, kids in tow.  

Mrs. Gore (Of Mrs. Gore's Diary) came up earlier in the day and set up the room for us.  It was decorated beautifully!

The kids had pizza and lots of treats.

Yeah...including these.

After they ate, they played lots of games.  First, they split into groups and tried to see who could build the biggest tower out of conversation hearts.

It took them a few tries to figure it out, but the winning team got 14 hearts high!

Next, the kids played Valentine bingo.  Always a crowd favorite among kids.

The last game, the kids used a straw to get candies into a cup.

After the games, the kids got their bags filled with little pieces of love for each of them.  It was such a fun, precious night, and as I sat back and looked around, I realized how blessed we are.

Class parties are even better than I remember them.

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