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Friday, May 25, 2012

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

For a very long time now, I've wanted a counter top ice cream maker.  Do you know the one I'm talking about?  You freeze the canister and you don't need ice or rock salt or a headache from listening to it run for an hour?  Well, I finally broke down and got one for myself....right as I figured out this recipe that requires no ice cream maker.  I actually realized I didn't need the machine because the "custard" I made to turn into the ice cream froze immediately as I poured it into the canister.  Fail.  So I just scooped out what wasn't frozen, stuck it in my freezer without churning it, and it was heavenly! Win.  So here we have it.  This is the easiest, yummiest, creamiest no churniest ice cream I've ever had!

What you'll need:
2 cups cold heavy cream
2 cups of milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 box of Jello cheesecake flavored pudding
1 lb of strawberries, chopped (obviously, you can ditch the strawberries or do blueberries or cherries instead)

And some time.

Start with mixing your milk, cream, and sugar together in a bowl.  Chop up your strawberries and add them in, too.  Another option is to mix the sugar and the strawberries together first, let the sugar pull out some of the juices from the strawberries, then add everything else in.  I didn't do it like that because...I just didn't.

Next, add in the pudding mix.  I wait until the end to do this because it works as a thickener.  I like to get the strawberries in first.  After you thoroughly mix in the pudding, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for half an hour.

After the half an hour or so, it will be chilled and thick.  Almost gross looking.  This recipe makes a pint and a half of ice cream, so I split it up into two pint sized freezable containers.  I got these handy little guys at Dollar Tree 4 for $1.  Freeze for several hours or overnight, and voila!  Perfectly creamy, smooth, and lovely strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

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