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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Solids and Liquids.

One of my very favorite thing about homeschooling is that we aren't limited by much.  We get to learn what we want to learn and teach what we want to teach whenever the mood strikes.  This very thing happened this week, and it was such a fun little reminder of why we are doing this.  I mean, what better time to teach something than when our kiddo actually wants to learn it??

Isaiah started asking why ice melts.  Then he wanted to know why popsicles need to be frozen before we can eat them.  Well, hello opportunity to teach.  Nice to meet you.  Of course, the hubs needed to make it more fun...and I needed to make it yummy.  So as a compromise, I led in making chocolates and Daddy lead in making molded crayons.

After searching high and low...and not on the internet...for a mold of the alphabet, I finally found one on Brookside.

First, we needed to make a list of all the names we wanted to make.  We just had to make some for our friends.

I got these wonderful little spots of deliciousness from the same store I got our mold from.  It's the smoothest, yummiest imported chocolate around.  It can also be purchased at the chocolate shop in downtown Broken Arrow...so worth it.  We talked about how the little wafers looked.  We tried to fit the into our mold.  We even tasted them.  Then we melted them in the microwave.  (Be super careful if you try this because chocolate burns really really easily, and once it's burned, there's nothing that can be done besides trashing it...unfortunately)

Once it was all melted, we poured it into the mold.  We noted how it looked and fit into the letters now and felt very different...but it tasted the same.  Okay, so maybe I tasted a bit more than necessary. We let it sit and re-harden.

While we waited on the chocolate to become a solid again, we ripped the paper off of the crayons.  Izzy was shockingly the best at this job...Ultimately, we did the same experiment with the crayons as we did with the chocolate.  Melted, poured, let it sit and solidify.  Awesomeness.

Once our chocolates were set, we popped them out of the molds.  Voila!  Names....yummy, yummy names.

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