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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Finer Things.

I got a fun little glimpse into my future with Izzy today.

Well, it might have been fun had I not been switching off arms I was using to hold my rock of a 9 month old and trying to keep her from grabbing every cardboard and shiny thing within reach.  And had it not taken so long.  And had I not had a 6 year old little boy constantly asking how much longer he had to stand there because this was a "girl store."  (Don't worry.  I quickly repented of my terrible attitude.)

Okay, so it wasn't very fun.  But I see how it could be fun.

A few months ago, Izzy and I were walking around the mall alone while Bird and the two other kids went looking for boy things.  (Sorry, Eva...)  We looked at dresses and shoes and purses, and I finally made it to jewelry.  Then the idea came to me.

"Hey Iz...you want to get your ears pierced?!"

Now, this has been a point of contention for Bird and I for years.  I wanted it done.  He wanted it done.  We both wanted the other to be the one to take her to do it.  I finally worked up the nerve, and I decided I was ready.  She was so excited, and she kept telling me, "I have brave stuff inside me!"  She sat up straight in her chair, held my hand tightly, and CLICK!  Both ears at once and not a tear was shed.

Brave little thing.

Fast forward to this afternoon.

After having her original earrings in for more than 6 weeks, she could now change them out.  It has taken me weeks to talk her into it, but today, we decided to stop by Claire's and let her pick out a new pair.  I had no idea what that was going to entail.

It took forever.  I can't believe I'm not still there, honestly.  I think she looked at every single pair of earrings in that store twice, and after each pair would say, "Nope.  These aren't for me!"  Then she'd put them down, and move on to the next pair.  I tried showing her some.  Nope.  Isaiah tried showing her some.  Nope.  At one point, I'm convinced Eva grabbed a pair to show her.  Nope.  She wanted me to keep showing her what I liked, though.  "Maybe we can share!" she'd say.

In the end, she picked out the first ones I ever picked up and showed her, but the sheer joy in her little eyes during the entire tryst was priceless.  She was so thrilled to have her new sparkly jewelry, but to get to browse with her Mommy looking at all the pretty pieces of art, well, to her, that was the finer thing...and I think it will be to me for years and years to come now, too.

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