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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dr. Pepper Time

I am not a coffee drinker.  Every few years, I give it a shot, and every few years, I woefully regret it.  I always feel a bit childish as my dear husband watches me spit it out into the sink.  If you drink coffee, well, good for you.

That junk is nasty.

And I'm a bit convinced no one really likes it.  Perhaps everyone hates it as much as me, but perhaps they haven't made the same beautiful discovery as I have.

Dr. Pepper.

I mean, why drink a terrible, hot, black, bitter concoction when Dr. Pepper is widely available?  The caffeine content can't be much different, right?

Every morning, I don't turn on a machine on my counter top.  I don't grab a mug from the shelf, and I don't need anything to add to my drink.  Every morning, I wake up, pour cereal for 3 kids, sit down to my computer while they watch cartoons, and pop the top of my ice cold soda pop.

Aaaaand relax.

When the can is empty and the caffeine has been thoroughly injected into my body, I can function as a normal human being again.  Time to play.  Time to read.  Time to homeschool.  Time to clean.

But respect the Dr. Pepper time.

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  1. Aldi has a brand of dr pepper now. Surprisingly it's pretty good.