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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Waiting

This summer has been...interesting...

I have spent the last several years being very busy.  I have been finishing up my college degree (and by finishing, I mean not finishing at all), having babies, starting homeschool, buying and renovating a house, getting involved in our new church home, investing in relationships, planning multiple trips, and all the other countless little things that life has thrown our way.

Then this summer hit.

For the first time in a very long time, I found myself at home with nothing going on around me except our normal home lives.  (Something, by the way, that I did on purpose.)  For about the first week or so, it was awesome.  Hello, HGTV.  Look at all the new shows you've been hiding from me.  Shame on you.

Then, it was less awesome.  Lately, I've taken to making Izzy sit quietly in front of me so I can perfect french braiding.  She loves it.

And by loves, I mean hates.

I've been going stir crazy for a while now, but what is worse, it seems like the kids are catching my crazy bug.  There are only so many times a 3 and 6 year old can play with play dough or watch Veggie Tales without wanting to explode.  This has resulted in a less than pleasant time at home, and I hate that.  How can I make a home that is peaceful and full of grace when the kids have taken to screaming and biting?!  (Answer: I can't....not when I feel like biting them, too.)

Don't worry.  I'm working on my biting issues.

With another month until we planned to start school, I fear I'm going to have to up the date just to save Izzy's hair from falling out...

HGTV, you can have your secrets.  I want my full schedule back, please.

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