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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pretty In Pink Photo Shoot

I've taken a few crash courses in photography through the years (nothing impressive at all), and I've always heard that if you want to get really great pictures of your kids, photograph them as newborns, 18 months, and 3 years old.  Well, I got great newborn pictures of Isaiah, but then I failed past that with him.  I got a few decent pictures of Izzy as a newborn, but nothing at 18 months.  I got nada from Eva as a newborn.

After Izzy was born, I took her and Isaiah to Target and spent almost $200 on sincerely mediocre photos, so Bird let me "invest" in a great camera with the understanding that I'd never take them to a professional to get photos taken again.  I had the means, I had a bit of the know-how, but I had no idea how much I would lack the drive.

Fast forward to three years later, and I knew it was now or never.  If I didn't bust out the camera on Izzy now, that junk wasn't ever happening.

I had seen some pretty inexpensive photography backgrounds at a teacher supply store, so I picked up a couple of them and set up shop in my living room.  (The brand is Ella Bella) The cupcakes and stand are from Cracker Barrel, and the tea set...I have no idea where that's from.  I think my mom got it for Izzy right after she was born.  The chalkboard is from Hobby Lobby, and the jewelry is from various places.  All but one necklace was used for our wedding activities, and the bottle of pink lemonade I picked up from Aldi.  It was originally filled with carbonated lemonade, but after we finished it off, I soaked the bottle in hot water to get the labels off, washed it, and now it's usable for parties!

I know my kids can be outgoing, but I just saw them (in my mind) melting down in front of another photographer while the tab was running.  I knew an at-home shoot was going to be necessary.  I figured since all kids have their limit, I would split this en devour up into more than one day. Day one was just of Isabella, and I dubbed this shoot "Pretty In Pink." This is about as girly as we could get, and it really matches what Izzy is at 3 years old! Love this girl...


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