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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Problem With Being the Baby.

Bird and I have a lot in common.  We are both the youngest in our family, and we both enjoyed all the lovely byproducts such a title bestows.  I can remember pretending like I was tired when my mom would tell my sister and I to clean our room.  My mom would let me lay down for a nap, and my less-than-happy sister had to clean our toys all by herself.  The problem, though, is that when you're the youngest, your parents have less time for certain things.  When I look back at photo books, there are far more pictures of my siblings than of me.  In all, though, I think our parents became better parents by the time they got to us. (That's how it works, right?)

Okay, so maybe I'm making that last part up in my mind because I'd like to believe it to be true for Bird and I as parents.  He really is a better parent.  Me, well, that's debatable.

My mom actually makes fun of me because after Isaiah was born, I insisted, no matter our plans for the day, that he would be dressed to the nines.  We were swimming in sweater vests and baby sneakers.  I kept a record of when he was fed and changed, and he had the strictest bedtime routine.  I was beyond naive.

You know what he was dressed up for this day?  Tuesday.  My sister (the amazingly talented photographer), just decided to do an impromptu photo session.

After Izzy was born, I was so excited to have a daughter that I kept up with the fancy dressing, but I was much more lax on the schedule part of our lives.  She went to bed when....she went to bed.

Check out her first Halloween costume.

I made that.

Seriously.  Who has time to conjure up entire tulle and satin princess costumes?!  Not me anymore, that's who.

Then along came my sweet Eva Grace.  I LOVE this little girl.  Sincerely, I do.  History, however, may read differently when she looks at pictures.

Though she still has the sweetest little wardrobe, she spends much less time fancied up.  I rejoiced the day we switched to cloth diapers because they could double as bottoms at home.  The schedule is long gone, and she's the first baby that I didn't make an entire nursery up for. (And by make, I mean make.  Like, the bedding and everything.)

Tonight, as my two older sat sweetly at the table eating their dinner, Eva looked like this.

No way would this have been even close to acceptable with Isaiah.  No.  Way.

In all reality, though, I'm much more patient with this one.  I'm definitely kinder, more laid back.  I spend much more time playing and less time stressing.  I'm guessing that's also true of my mom.  Because she is such an amazing mom.

To the outside world (and in pictures...) I'm sure I seem like a much worse mommy to the baby of the family.  My prayer, however, is as I grow spiritually and in maturity, the memories of this sweet girl would prove differently, just as mine do.

I mean, who doesn't love a picnic...right?

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